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Black Hayate Go!
 fma_matchmaker - (ateenangel)
11:52pm 09/10/2007
ateenangel posting in Full Metal Alchemist Matchmaker

Name: Alaina
Age: 17
Favorite Color: I love red colour schemes because they're bright and warm. I also really like brown, too. It's rich and warm.
Favorite Food: Watermelon. It's sweet and watery. Pizza's also good. It's warm and tasty. ;)
Favorite Episode(s) of Fullmetal Alchemist and Why: No idea. Probably one of the funnier ones.
What gender are you looking for? Male. Definitely male. ;)
Likes: Reading, Relaxing, Swimming, Drawing, Planning, Writing, Being Generally Happy
Dislikes: Incessant Noise, Insensitivity, Pigheadedness, Cruelty
Strengths: I'm pretty strong emotionally and I like helping people out. I can usually understand what's going on with a little effort and I learn fairly quickly.
Weaknesses: I'm generally a very quiet person, so sometimes I don't say the things I should/want to say. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist and I tend to fret over personal decisions, even after they're made. I also really tend to lack motivation. I can also be unsure of myself, even when I'm right.
Hobbies: Mainly I like reading, playing on the computer, relaxing, swimming, writing, drawing, etc.
Describe a normal day in your life: I usually get up, shower, eat a bagel, and then decide if I feel well enough to go to school. If it's a yes, I drive to school and spend around four or five hours doing homework, then come home. If it's a no, I go relax on the couch or computer. At about five, my mom and sister come home. We eat, then talk to my dad by phone. After that, I stay up 'til about midnight before brushing my teeth, taking my meds, and going to bed. Rinse and repeat as needed.
What traits do you look for in a partner? I haven't had much experience yet, but I think I'd want someone who was caring, probably with a sense of humor, loyal, and not a layabout.
Which traits do you find annoying? I'm thinking extreme laziness and infidelity would be the biggest concerns.
When looking for a partner, do you judge by looks or personality? Personality definitely, but looks are always nice too. ;) Hygiene is also important to me.
Where would you want to go on a first date? Roller blading would be fun, but really anything low key for an hour or two would be nice.

Please put two links to other applications that you have voted on:

Pick One (For You):
Leader or Follower? Follower, I guess? I could be a leader, but I'm not a big fan of bossing people around and I hate being considered better than other people. Despite that, I'll only follow someone if I believe in them and their cause. I also wouldn't want to follow the guy I was in love with. I'd want us to be equals.
Hero or Villain? Hero, I suppose. I'm much more pat the puppy then kick it. ;)
Quiet or Loud? Quiet. Very quiet.
Extroverted or Introverted? Introverted. I'm uncomfortable showing any kind of deep emotion in public. Smiling and laughing is fine though.
Instigator or Wallflower? Probably more of a wallflower with secret instigating powers. If it's one on one I'll probably say something to get things going, but if it's more people than that, I'll hang back.

Pick One (For Your Ideal Significant Other):
Leader or Follower? The middle ground? I don't think I'd want somebody above me, but not for I have to hold the power in the relationship kind of reasons. I just would feel insecure if they were above me. That being said, my guy can't be a pushover.
Hero or Villain? Middle ground, once again. I wouldn't want to date an actual villain, but being super self-sacrificing for anybody who comes along, would make me really worried.
Quiet or Loud? Middle ground again? I'm starting to see a pattern. ;) It's fine if he's loud in public, but in private, I'd prefer a little peace.
Extroverted or Introverted? Either. Doesn't matter.
Instigator or Wallflower? An instigator would definitely be fun and probably help get the relationship going, but a wallflower would be alright.

Post a picture or two or describe yourself. No pictures, sorry. My digital camera hasn't been born yet.

I'm 5'6" and about 125 lbs. I've got super, super short brown hair and purple glasses. My eyes are brown, I've got freckles, and I have super pale skin. I tend to dress pretty casually (jeans, t-shirts, etc.) when I can.

mood: contentcontent
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01:48pm 10/10/2007 (UTC)
Emily: calm - ed
Al sounds great for you. I think the two of you would get along like.. Well, two peas an pod I guess.
picword: calm - ed
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(no subject)
02:21pm 10/10/2007 (UTC)
Shura: Tsuzuki
I agree about Al
picword: Tsuzuki
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(no subject)
09:04pm 10/10/2007 (UTC)
I say..Al
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(no subject)
07:49am 19/11/2007 (UTC)
Anna ~: Zack x Cloud // by my side
picword: Zack x Cloud // by my side
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(no subject)
05:55am 18/12/2007 (UTC)
I think I can see you with Ed or Al, but I'm going with Edward just to be different, and because I think opposites usually attract. In addition, Ed would be both loyal and well, not lazy, and I think you two would just click. He's also quite funny, in a slightly sarcastic way.
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(no subject)
06:44pm 21/12/2007 (UTC)
I can definitely see Al but I'm actually going to have to vote Ed as well.
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(no subject)
05:50am 02/07/2008 (UTC)
Fuery, possibly, although I think Havoc may also have some interest. Al seems a little on the waffly side.
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(no subject)
10:55pm 10/07/2008 (UTC)
murdered_beauty: Johnny depp lmao
Ed I'm going to say because you seem a little like Al, to be with him. Idk weird but yes very true.
picword: Johnny depp lmao
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