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Series lacked Black Hayate
 fma_matchmaker - (shadowsirenv)
06:35pm 25/03/2008
shadowsirenv posting in Full Metal Alchemist Matchmaker

Name: Rachel
Age: 14
Favorite Color: Purple/black/green/yellow
Favorite Food: Frozen dougnuts
Favorite Episode(s) of Fullmetal Alchemist and Why: I think it's 18 (Marcoh's Notes) because of the Ling Yao cameo!
What gender are you looking for? Male
Likes: reading, writing, acting, fanfiction, rock music, anime/manga
Dislikes: Hannah Montana, conformists, rap music, Hannah Montana, when they take a sad song and give it a dance remix, Hannah Montana
Strengths: I'm very creative and artsy. I'm pretty easy-going and somewhat sarcastic. I also make mean brownies...
Weaknesses: I'm easily frustrated. I tend to take things the wrong way or not say what I mean. I'm lazy and I procrastinate a lot, too.
Hobbies: Likes up until rock music, computers and whatnot, watching anime/reading manga
Describe a normal day in your life: Wake up, get dressed and stuff, eat breakfast, got to school, deal with my friends' issues, go home, go on the computer, do my homework, eat dinner, more computers, bed.
What traits do you look for in a partner? Easy to talk to, maturity, polite yet sarcastic, humourous
Which traits do you find annoying? Arrogance, immaturity, rudeness
When looking for a partner, do you judge by looks or personality? Looks are usually the catch but personality is usually the deciding factor
Where would you want to go on a first date? No place fancy. Maybe the park or a little restaurant for lunch.

Please put two links to other applications that you have voted on:


Pick One (For You):
Leader or Follower? Follower most of the time. Leader on occasion
Hero or Villain? Hero
Quiet or Loud? Somewhere in between
Extroverted or Introverted? In between, again, but more extroverted
Instigator or Wallflower? Wallflower ._.

Pick One (For Your Ideal Significant Other):
Leader or Follower? Leader
Hero or Villain? Ah, both are good.
Quiet or Loud? In between
Extroverted or Introverted? Extroverted
Instigator or Wallflower? Instigator

Post a picture or two or describe yourself.

I'm on the left with the glasses.

mood: coldcold
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01:03am 27/03/2008 (UTC)
This was a difficult one but I'd have to say Ed.
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10:59pm 04/04/2008 (UTC)
Asako Michiru
I have to agree with above and say Ed. I especially think Movie!Ed would be perfect for you, since he's still Ed in all those loveable, snarky ways, only more mature.
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03:46pm 12/04/2008 (UTC)
Anna ~
I agree the others and say Ed
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04:25pm 14/04/2008 (UTC)
i think you and Ed would work best :)
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06:43pm 21/04/2008 (UTC)
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11:48pm 11/05/2008 (UTC)
murdered_beauty: Into The Wild
picword: Into The Wild
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04:32am 02/07/2008 (UTC)
I ended up having trouble deciding between Edward and Roy. I think they'd both fit for the most part, but I'm leaning towards Roy Mustang. He seems like the type that would know how to handle a relationship. And, he can be a bit immature, but it's usually in jest. Mainly though, I can see him doing well with a wallflower, where as I think Ed might tend to forget about a person if they weren't in his face yelling at him.

Vote on mine?
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