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Black Hayate told me that Riza and Roy are cute together ._.
 fma_matchmaker - (xmirage)
09:07pm 08/07/2008
I think I like Magic~ posting in Full Metal Alchemist Matchmaker

Name: RS
Age: 15
Favorite Color: Purple - the lighter shades
Favorite Food: CHEESE! Sardines, EGG!
Favorite Episode(s) of Fullmetal Alchemist and Why: Uhh, i only dabble in the anime, i read the manga mainly D:
What gender are you looking for? Male please 8D
Likes: Friends(hanging with them), cosplay, anime, manga, writing, reading, exploring, learing new things.
Dislikes: creepy crawlies i.e. bugs, heights, bitter stuff, squishy food like eggplant....
Strengths: I'm caring, friendly, and a listening ear for my friends.
Weaknesses: I can be annoying, impatient, judgemental and domineering.
Hobbies: writing, reading, doodling.
Describe a normal day in your life: Wake up, go to school, crack a bit with friends, try and absorb what the teacher says, eat, talk some more with friends, go home, get on the computer, msn, lj :D sleep xDDDD
What traits do you look for in a partner? Taller than me(easy feat, i bet even Ed could do it...okay...maybe not ;D...150? beat that?), caring, but not stickler, fun-loving.
Which traits do you find annoying? Over sticking, over jealous a little jealousy won't harm right? :D, boring.
When looking for a partner, do you judge by looks or personality? More of personality...but it won't hurt to have a cute face!
Where would you want to go on a first date? Somewhere pretty, actually, i don't really mind...he can surprise me, as long as i'm not totally bored to death :D

Please put two links to other applications that you have voted on:

Pick One (For You):
Leader or Follower? Leader, but i can follow too lol
Hero or Villain? Ehm...Hero...i'm goodie-goodie that way ._.
Quiet or Loud? L-oud? Depends on the situation really...it's not as if i'll be shouting during lesson where everyone's hard at work and as quiet as a mouse during a party ;D
Extroverted or Introverted? More to extroverted, but i can be introverted when i'm alone in a crowd of unknown people...
Instigator or Wallflower? Huh? -checks- umm...instigator? I get impatinet ;D

Pick One (For Your Ideal Significant Other):
Leader or Follower? Either is fine, as long as he's not overly domineering...and no bootlicker or someone who can't make his own simple decisions...
Hero or Villain? Hero, i'd rather not spend my time running away from the fighters of justice...then again...who knows ;D
Quiet or Loud? A proper and reasonable mix thank you...
Extroverted or Introverted? Equal mix? If it's possible ;D
Instigator or Wallflower? Instigator would be preferable, but please, don't instigate overly wild stuff! D:

Post a picture or two or describe yourself. Human being, girl, medium length black hair, spectacles, small eyes. Won't furthur elaborate self (:

mood: highhigh
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(no subject)
04:22am 01/08/2008 (UTC)
Z {Chapter Thirty-Three: The Prince's Tale}
Your app was pretty vague... but... I think, perhaps Russell? I can see him being very well balanced, and therefore suiting you. (I guess.)
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(no subject)
04:57pm 17/01/2011 (UTC)
K: 鋼の錬金術師; o///o
I'm thinking Havoc!
picword: 鋼の錬金術師; o///o
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