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I'm not much for dogs, but Black Hayate seems okay.
 fma_matchmaker - (patamon)
10:29pm 26/02/2009
Patamon posting in Full Metal Alchemist Matchmaker

Name: Lauren
Age: 20 (21 on March 17th)
Favorite Color: Blue or green
Favorite Food: Hmm. I'm so picky, but I can't think of any particular favorite food... I do like baked potatoes, though. I also really like green olives.
Favorite Episode(s) of Fullmetal Alchemist and Why: Um...I don't know! :( My fiance and I have been watching the series on the weekends for the last two months, so I can't really pinpoint any specific episode that I liked the best. Sorry :(
What gender are you looking for? Either one. I tend to prefer women, but guys are okay too, so it doesn't really matter.
Likes: Rabbits, cooking, anime/manga, babies/children, the weekends.
Dislikes: Poor grammar, most vegetables, using the phone.
Strengths: I have that sort of "never give up" outlook on life.
Weaknesses: I'm emotional and I get sick easily.
Hobbies: Um...sometimes I play video games. I also like to go online, read manga/watch anime, and cook.
Describe a normal day in your life: I wake up at 7am, take a shower, eat breakfast, rush off to my student teaching at 8am, stay at the preschool and teach until 11:45am. Depending on the day, I either go to work until 5:45pm or I go home between teaching and my afternoon class to eat lunch and relax. After work/class, I come home and either clean the apartment, go online, or do homework. My schedule is a little crazy.
What traits do you look for in a partner? Someone who understands me and accepts me, is willing to help out with the housework, and makes me feel valued and important.
Which traits do you find annoying? Arrogance, lack of ability to understand emotional problems (I have depression/anxiety).
When looking for a partner, do you judge by looks or personality? I guess personality, but I think everyone also tends to judge by looks, even just a little bit, although I don't think many people would like to admit that.
Where would you want to go on a first date? I don't know...maybe we could just go for a walk somewhere, if it's a nice day. (I've only ever been in one relationship, so I don't know very much about dating.)

Please put two links to other applications that you have voted on:

Pick One (For You):
Leader or Follower? Follower
Hero or Villain? Hero
Quiet or Loud? Quiet
Extroverted or Introverted? Introverted. Very introverted.
Instigator or Wallflower? Wallflower

Pick One (For Your Ideal Significant Other):
Leader or Follower? Leader
Hero or Villain? Hero
Quiet or Loud? Maybe somewhere in between.
Extroverted or Introverted? Again, somewhere in between.
Instigator or Wallflower? Instigator. One of us has to be able to take action!

Post a picture or two or describe yourself.

(This one is from August '07. As you can see, I don't get pictures taken of myself very often. My hair is shorter now, and very curly. The bunny is Smokey, who is like my baby. She'll be four soon.)

mood: sicksick
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(no subject)
03:57am 27/02/2009 (UTC)
Riza Hawkeye. <3
picword: fma ♕ hey bb~
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(no subject)
06:52pm 07/03/2009 (UTC)
Yeah Riza Hawkeye seems like a good match. ^^
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(no subject)
12:54pm 19/04/2009 (UTC)
Riza.The overall style, specially the routine descrption, so precise and organizedXD
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(no subject)
04:48pm 17/01/2011 (UTC)
K: 鋼の錬金術師; o///o
Definitely Riza Hawkeye!
picword: 鋼の錬金術師; o///o
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(no subject)
01:45pm 18/01/2011 (UTC)
yep Riza is a good match ^^
picword: main
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